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Welcome to the SFM Official Website

We're your source for magnesium semi finished products and raspings.

Our products range:

Atomised Mg Powders Mechanical Mg Powders Magnesium Raspings
Our newly installed inert gas atomiser has been custom designed specifically for the production of magnesium and magnesium alloys... Magnesium and Al/Mg powders are mainly used in the civilian and military pyrotechnical industry for the luminescence of ammunitions and fireworks... Magnesium raspings are used as reagents for the Grignard reaction in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries...
Mg cut-end pieces Magnesium Anodes Certiqualty ISO 9001:2008
Magnesium cut-end pieces are the ends of the ingot which cannot be ground. Such pieces are used in the alloy making industry... Our Magnesium Anodes are made of AZ 63 alloy and produced via a home made production process of continuous casting...

Through our extensive know-how, together with continuos control of quality we assure you irreproachable products. Our dynamic structure enables flexible and fast production tailored to meet specific customers' needs

SFM, your source for Magnesium!